Mar 2, 2010


Okay, this is recently what some i wanna buy!!  So crazy, all four shoes i want it and too much dress, haahah!!  Hope i can get it asap, i really want to share with u!  Oh~and get one, i really need a red lipstick so i found M.a.c but im love in another one "VIVA GAGA" immediately.  At last, i think i will get two lipstick or one more eye shadow. 
Today just shared something i want, i will post outfit photo another day.  So, enjoy it~

Diet Day 12

  • Breakfast- half orange(i forgot to finished)

  • Lunch-2/3 bowl of rice, fried tofu, 1 cup a kind of vegetable, 2 pieces of stew fish, half bowl of suzi soup

  • Dinner-a little cup of fried tofu, 1 cup of vegetable, 4 pieces of stew fish, half bowl of suzi soup( why should i have to eat the same menu, cause my dear mom always cook too much but we just have 3 people to clean up)

  • Work out- bike(1 hour,6 km)

  • Weight-N/A

see u soon guys......(why cant i see the ZARA online, it's my PC problem!?)


  1. Love the ACNE dress!
    x, fashionnerdic

  2. Cool selection of pieces - the shoes are all bang on. And I NEED GaGa's lippie in my life...

  3. now you've made me want to buy all of these pieces! :)

  4. Love all the skirts. In the summer I much prefer skirts to shorts and, even though I love tights, I cannot wait to go bare-legged with a skirt.