Mar 10, 2010


Apologize for my poor poor photography, cause i got up at 5 am needs to caught bus and had an interview yesterday.  I really hope i can catch this chance for my honesty.  After interview i took a walk and had my lovely sweet cakes!!  Okay, im totally a "sweet lover" i really love to try everythings about" Bon bon", im silly right!?  Yeee...i took a lunch in SALON DE THE de Joel Robuchon then im really disappointed for the service, i ordered just cake without tea or coffee why it could be possible to give me a glasses of water and then i took out another cakes  they didnt give me fork( how should to eat that, by hands!?).  So i thought i most be go over there again!!  Anyway, finially i bought GAGA lipstick and red lipstick i really really love them!!  cant wait to show u!!!!!
P.S. i really love ROGER VIVIER shoes but why i seldom saw blogs to share this shoes, is just only popular in Asia!?
outfit- mom's vintage blazer, unkown jeans, et vous blouse, maggie's love heels, accessorize bracelet&ring, Net bag.

Diet Day20

  • Breakfast- a glasses of bean milk, a piece of toast

  • Lunch-a montblanc, a cheese cake, medium cup of starbudks latte

  • Dinner-curry bread

  • Work out- Walk

  • Weight- -0.5kg
Diet Day21
  • Breakfast-a piece of toast with peanut butter, share with my mom another two cakes
  • Lunch- half bowl of rice, two pieces of pork & two pieces of liver, three pieces of sweet sour fish, a cup of fried spinach
  • Dinner-not yet
  • Work out-not yet
  • Weight-not yet

see u soon guys......


  1. Like your pictures!
    you have a lovely blog:):):)

  2. mmm im hungry now! thank you for the comment on my blog, love these pictures!


  3. Love the top you are wearing!
    And great pictures
    x fashionnerdic

  4. Hi there!! You photos are great! Good luck at your interview...I just found your blog... I love it and your style is great.

    Happy to call myself one of your new readers!

    xoxo Haleigh @ Bardot in Blue

    PS stop by my blog sometime for some inspiration and see what I am up to in Paris

  5. PS i liked your blog so much I made a button for you and put in on my cyber wall over at my blog! Check it out...

  6. WOOOO, haha, u live in Taipei????That is so cool, I am happy to meet you here:):)
    but I am not in SHIH CHIEN, I studied in TMUE,

  7. ohhh those cakes look soooo gorgeous!! me wannaaa... but I have just started on a diet myself as well ahahaha :P to get bikini proof again! so tough to see this ahaha. I want cake!! and RE: yes it's really hard I want to buy shoes again but I'll have to wait for a while, sadly enough..

  8. I love your blog! nice pic, nice post :) and nice clothes !
    i hatttttttteeeeee diet!!! my gosh! i've lost like 15 KG in tree years so now i'm well etc. but i hate died. Good luck pretty girl

    xx from paris