Mar 24, 2010



         (via Fashion Gone Rogue)
This is from  Vogue Paris April issue, model- Monika Jagaciak & Lily Donaldson by Steven Klein.  I totally love this issue cos it's pretty hot now and summer is coming but the important thing is the clothes r from Prada and Miu Miu this season i love these items so much!!  they have sexy nude tights and lovely Prada heels that is represent hot temperature let me think about Hawaii, yeah~ the over makeup is dramatic!!
P.S. Elle UK April overgirl is Chloe( i love her so much) and she is wearing Miu Miu clothes.  I've subscribed this issue but still wait till 3/27, it torment me this time!

PP.S. Could someone tell me, did u agree "fashion is conspiracy"!?  i means why the clogs be popular and lot of brands have clog shoes(ex: Chanel, Miu Miu, Alexander Wang), and why too much similar "Alexa bag"(ex: Mulberry, Proenza Schouler)?  Yes, why all of these items show up in the same time??  
Q1:  who is the mastermind in this game??   Q2:  Coco Chanel said- i dont do fashion, im fashion.  So, who is real fasion icon or we just admit someone give us these information and put on the body!?  These r my silly hesitation, just funny!

(via Fashion Gone Rogue)

see u soooon guys......


  1. Love these beautiful pics and these clothes! Do you buy one?

    Kiss sophie ;-)

  2. Maybe they all hire the same trend forecaster. Ah ha ha. That Topshop striped top is SO precious!

  3. I think I really need to get the French April Vogue - It's full of amazing editorials!

  4. I love me some Miu Miu and Prada!

  5. lovely editorial! and the collage of clothes makes me want to go shopping right now! :)


  6. In reply to your blog comment - Yes they were done using photoshop!
    Thanks for your lovely comments.

  7. love this editorial!
    how's the diet going? ;)

  8. wow, what an amazing pictures!
    i love that miu miu shoes!

  9. amazing editorial <33
    i love all of your picks, btw =D

    join Versicle's anniversary GIVEAWAY, pronto!
    love xx

  10. cool photos... have a nice weekend!