Mar 7, 2010


That i apologize for my lazy temperament and Joy's awful photography, spent whole weekend leisure time i saw Shutter Island with my dear best friends and  had lazy dinner.  Im exhausted extremly, i really really want to shar with something but i think it's time to sleep and then i will alter my article(my diet diary, i totally forgot it) and up load something new(maybe about Paris FW) when i get up.  so see u sooon guys......

outfit-Ralph Lauren shirt, NET pants, Muji shoes, Accessorize bag&bracelet&ring

These two r my favorite red carpet dress in Oscars 2010, Diane Kruge wearing Chanel Haute Couture, Cameron Diaz wearing Oscar de la renta.  Both all i love the nude pink color and lace, which red carpet u most love it!?  Now i really curious which girl get the winner!!!

Diet Day 15
  • Breakfast- one kind of cooked rice for making cake,  a piece of toast
  • Lunch- half bowl of rice, a cup of cabbage, a bowl of sunzi soup
  • Dinner- a green onion pancake, a piece of toast with peanut butter
  • Work out- bike(one hour,6km)
Diet Day 16
  • Breakfast-N/A
  • Lunch-a bowl of ginseng chicken soup, half bowl of rice, 2 fried garlic shrimp, a cup of broccoli
  • Dinner- a bowl of ginseng chicken soup, 1 steam squid, a cup of broccoli, 3 pieces of fried owl
  • Work out-bike(one hour,6km)
Diet Day17
  • Breakfast-a piece of toast with peanut butter
  • Lunch-half bowl of rice, 3 pieces of bake duck, one kind of vegetable, half bowl of sunzi soup
  • Dinner- a steak with an egg, a broccoli, noodles, a bowl of cream soup, 2 piece of cake shared with friends
  • Work out- N/A
  • Weight-N/A

                                                                see u soon guys......


  1. fierce blouse you have! am curious of your new articles!

  2. Diane was one of my faves too! She and Demi inspired my post today.

  3. I loved Diane's dress, too! Also, your clutch purse is fantastic...

  4. i love your blouse, i'm looking for pinstriped blouses myself. cameron and diane were some of my favorites too :)