Feb 28, 2010


cardigan-H&M, top-unkown, pants-NET, sandals- mom's vintage shoes, scarf-Net, ring-H&M, sunglasses-ASOS, bag- Bangkok, necklace-Accessorize, bracelet-unkown

Pretty hot in these sunny days, i also feel tired to move and do some labor things.  But thanks GOD it's seems to spring forecast now, ya...im so happy that can wearing some comfortable clothes.  Yes, that's again i do some changes for my wardrobe since last time i had tried my scarf skirt and now i turn my cardigan up sight down to wearing.  I love to try this so different be a short cardigan but simle outfits.  And i love my bag from Bangkok since my grandma for me when im 9,  she is really old right!? hahahha   Okay, whatever,  wish u a lovely week!!

Diet Day 10
  • Breakfast- N/A
  • Lunch- half bowl of rice, a cup of some kind of vegetable, half of cup fried chili tofu, 2 pieces of stew shark
  • Dinner- 1/4 bowl of rice, a cup of fried celery, 1/3 of cup fried chili tofu, 2 pieces of stew shark
  • Work out- N/A
  • Weight- -0.2kg
Diet Day 11
  • Breakfast- an orange
  • Lunch-not yet
  • Dinner-not yet
  • Work out-not yet
  • Weight-not yet

  see u soooon guys......

Feb 26, 2010


blazer-G2000, top-NET, skirt-Burberry scarf, shoes-NINE WEST, ring-H&M, bracelet, necklace-Accessorize, bag-NET

Today is really super hot sunny day, but im silly to wore knitting skirt.  yeeee, i just thinking to create some unique outfits when i got up this morning(u know, clothes not just clothes and scarf not just scarf).  So i put my Burberry scarf on to be a new skirt, it's real funny maybe someday i will try some different way on my clothes(it's silly right!?).

Diet Day 9
  • Breakfast- 1 orange
  • Lunch- 2 bowl of Gnocchi
  • Dinner-not yet
  • Work out-not yet
  • Weight-not yet

see u sooon guys......


left to right- Moschino cheap&chic, D&G, Moschino cheap&chic
Dear, should i get much fur in 2010 winter,right??  Too crazy this season since i saw FW from NY,London to Milan.  Too much fur whole the shows, Paris FW will like this situation right!?(let's see)and i should get much much fur right away, haahha.   Whatever, today i saw Moschino, D&G, Prada runway show, show u some of pictures i like.
Up to down-D&G, Prada, Moschino cheap&chic
I love Moschino this season show, it's a lively show, models look so happy and have fun in the performance.  And i pay attention to the black boots for long time, i love it totally.  When i saw D&G i found, i should get to DIY a fur socks to put on my shoes or boots, it will be practical to used in winter.  But D&G and Miss Prada seems  take some similarity in the same way( i have to say Prada seems focus in"KNITTING" this FW.).

Again, Prada do some different details in socks and found wearing knit socks in sandals it would not be too crowd.
Long time no see Doutzen Kroes is get some much weights!?

I have to say Vogue UK March issue cover girl is Alexa Chung(woowo!!!), and she do a special issue to record "what im wearing this month", she posted daily outfits in Feb and show up what brands she is wearing.  Show some my favorite outfits, and get to buy Vogue UK March!!!!
-style.com, vogue uk.com

Diet Day 8

  • Breakfast- 2 buns

  • Lunch- half bowl rice, 1 cup of sprouts, 1/3 cup of stew sunzi, 1 sausage, half bowl radish soup

  • Dinner- half cup of sprouts, 1/4 cup of stew sunzi, 1 saausage, 1 bowl radish soup

  • Work out- bike(one hour,6 km)

  • Weight- totally -2kg since one day to now

   see u soooon guys......

Feb 24, 2010


What i wonder saying, same pose in two different pictures.  I havnt wear this jeans for a long time, it's so different design for a comfortable outfit since i saw it in a small boutique.  And the yellow top is similar to Vaness bruno 2007 or 08 type(i think), i remember that year i wanna bought the VB top but im not sure that is what i want in the lotus color.  At once, i found the similar top in bright color on a boutique so i bought it immediately since i still wearing them.
outfit 1: vintage jacket-mom's wardore, top-Maggie's love, jeans-near my home's boutique, shoes- hand made, necklace- Accessorize

Im so happy to wear my mom's vintage jacket as she give it to me.  She is really fits on me, likes shoulder or sleeve.  i decided wearing this jacket to different outfits after this day.
outfit2: bracelet- Accessorize, necklace-H&M, handbag-Accessorize
A little more different is i changed my accessories and get one more t-shirt inside, little bit more changging.

Diet Day7
  • Breakfast- N/A
  • Lunch- burger for one, half bowl of rice, one of vegetable i can tell for one cup, two piece of stew fish
  • Dinner- N/A
  • Work out- not yet
  • Weight-not yet
  see u sooooon guys......


Today i saw Marni new printed T-shirt in March SPUR Mag, they'r cute and funny in kind of printed. Cause i bought this issue and i got the free Marni notebook. But i pretty disappointed the gift which is small and only 12or14 paper(u really kidding me). Closer to my beginning, im not should i like the Marni T-shirt better then Lavin. Give me a choice i will pick Lavin T-shirt but it's expensive for a T-shirt.

And i got news from Garance Dore early, i cant leave without the Topshop clog shoes anymore then im crazy crazy crazy in love the boots. so i check topshop web immediately but disappointing news, i cant find them. so...... please tell me when shoes update asap.

-Garance Dore
Latest fashion week, i found again i love so much the Burberry Prorsum boots which have two different type(longer or shorter) both i like it. Have to say, i love Burberry Prorsum show more and more especially material in lace and fur. The last picture is Christopher Kane also i love it.

Sharing some vintage photo i love, especially the Vogue 1965 and Paris.

Diet Day 6

  • Breakfast- N/A

  • Lunch- 2 bowl of Chinese noodles

  • Dinner-2 pieces of pork, half cup fried mushroom in pea,1 bowl corn soup

  • Work ou-bike(one hour,6 km)

  • Weight- 1 kg
see u soon guys and thanks for comming my blog!!

Feb 22, 2010


im so happy to share my stuffs today, i got up early in the morning while i feel asleep.
i decide to stay at home not outdoor activtices so i wore comfortable shoule be first rule.
i love to match pink and white seems to represent early morning, and today keep warmer i can do my lovely yoga or bike.  Btw,i cant wait to fit my new accessories on my outfit.

sweater-Adidas Original, dress-CHICA, shoes-Muji, hairpin-Accessorize

Diet Day 5

  • Breakfast- N/A

  • Lunch- half bowl of rice,2 pieces of pork, half cup of broccoli, 3 pieces of fried salmon, a bowl of corn soup

  • Dinner-no yet

  • Work out- bike(one hour, 6km)

  • Weight-not yet

see u soon guys......


Today is a big shopping day, i found lot of accessories to show u guys.
We had not meet eachother for 3 months i totally miss my best friends, im so happy do something fun with them in this awful day.
We had a lunch together and went shopping at night market, shared the girl's talk.
Btw Doris is going to Bangkok tomorrow, i cant wait what she bring  for me!!

shirt-Single Label, knitwear-A&F, jeans-unknown, shoes-Muji, bag-Net,blacelet-unknown

Diet Day 4

  • Breakfast- a bread(im not sure how to described what it is)

  • Lunch- half bowl rice, a piece of pork in stew, a boiled egg, a kind of vegatables for1/3 cup

  • Dinner- outbreak at night market, i need more work out tomorrow

  • Work out- N/A
  • Weight-(not yet)

see u soon guys......im so tired today.