Mar 3, 2010


blazer- mom's vintage, top-Maggie's love, skirt-Benetton, socks-unknown, shoes-Maggie's love, bracelet&ring-Accessorize

Yes, i had long time not to wear this skirt since i bought it when i in high school.  Wow~it's another different type for this skirt  i think i will try recently!!  And today really not special things , just cant wait see Paris FW again!!!  BTW, my dear friend give me a ticket to Korea , im so much thanks for her.  I should be find a holiday to travel , what time?? anyway,  the time limit is one year when my plan already fine!!!!!

Diet Day 13

  • Breakfast- N/A

  • Lunch- 2 pieces of turnip cake, 1 bowl of meatball soup

  • Dinner-2 pieces of stew shark, 1 cup of vegetable, 4 pieces of jokbal ham, half bowl of meatball soup

  • Work out- bike(one hour,6 km)

  • Weight- -0.3kg
Diet Day 14
  • Breakfast- half guava
  • Lunch-3 pieces of turnip cake, one burger meat
  • Dinner-notyet
  • Work out-bike(one hour, 6km)
  • Weight-notyet

see u soon guys......


  1. love the blazer and the ring :)

  2. oh i love how your dieting too coz i kinda just started yesterday with 1300 calerie limit; i'd love to see what your eating; but it's so bad to skip breakfast darling!!

    best of luck with that tho:)

  3. the ring! the ring! so old world glam :) lovesss it!

  4. thankyou for the comment lovely :)

  5. don't worry bbz :) but I get what you mean, my boyfriend's Chinese and all his relatives are like THIS small and THIS skinny hahaha.. makes me feel horrible at times ahahaha :P

  6. aww thanks for your comment back!:)

    i'm playing like 6 songs lol don't know their names haha; but i'm trying to finish grade 10 . so hard. and bach's preludes are so hardd... and beethoven so hard to memeorize!

  7. looking cute~~ :D
    and hooooooo the ring is adorable~~ :D

  8. you are so pretty.x

  9. Cute shoes. And love the images down your sidebar.

  10. nice ring! :)

  11. I wish my mom had saved clothes from when she was younger so I could wear them, too! That blazer is fantastic and I love that ring. I adore huge cocktail rings