Mar 29, 2010




The passage of time, i still packaging and packaging.  But i take time to read Elle magazine and have afternoon tea at my balcony on Monday.  Im not sure my life will be changed in the future, just want i can always be myself.  The weather is suitable for wearing bright color and yes, i love in yellow, green and red that r fresh and light.  To enjoy the wonderful  monday before annoying work, dear!
P.S. i've losted 4kg then will be continue, wish me luck!!
outfit- unknown cardigan, Et vous blouse, Levis jeans, NINE WEST sandals, Koziol bag& mom's vintage bag, DIY bracelet, Accessorize ring, unknown headband

see u sooon guys......

Mar 26, 2010



The weather is strange, yesterday is super hot sunny day but today just opposite.  Im going to move out my home to my new apartment in another city so these day im quite of busy, im pakcaging and arranging my clothes and grocery.  This time i just thought why cant i take my wardrobe to my new place, cos i only put few clothes in my limited space.   well, whatever...i will buy more new stuff to let my wardrobe fill out one day!!(hahaha)
i starting miss my balcony,my grassland near my home, all my familiar things and place!  But in the same time i cant wait my new life.
outfit- unknown top, NET cardigan, Net pants, NINE WEST shoes, Accessorize bracelet&necklace, mom's pin, clutch from mom's friend give me
I really love this photo i took that i start trying some different atmosphere for my pictures.  They's my grandpa&mom.  Grandpa is 94 years old and grandmom is 90 years old, they'r strong and enjoy their life.  I took this photo when they finished took a walk, i love their pretty lovely smiling and  they love eachother so much.  im so proud of them and love them so much!!

see u sooon guys......

Mar 24, 2010



         (via Fashion Gone Rogue)
This is from  Vogue Paris April issue, model- Monika Jagaciak & Lily Donaldson by Steven Klein.  I totally love this issue cos it's pretty hot now and summer is coming but the important thing is the clothes r from Prada and Miu Miu this season i love these items so much!!  they have sexy nude tights and lovely Prada heels that is represent hot temperature let me think about Hawaii, yeah~ the over makeup is dramatic!!
P.S. Elle UK April overgirl is Chloe( i love her so much) and she is wearing Miu Miu clothes.  I've subscribed this issue but still wait till 3/27, it torment me this time!

PP.S. Could someone tell me, did u agree "fashion is conspiracy"!?  i means why the clogs be popular and lot of brands have clog shoes(ex: Chanel, Miu Miu, Alexander Wang), and why too much similar "Alexa bag"(ex: Mulberry, Proenza Schouler)?  Yes, why all of these items show up in the same time??  
Q1:  who is the mastermind in this game??   Q2:  Coco Chanel said- i dont do fashion, im fashion.  So, who is real fasion icon or we just admit someone give us these information and put on the body!?  These r my silly hesitation, just funny!

(via Fashion Gone Rogue)

see u soooon guys......

Mar 22, 2010


I woke up early this morning, took a cup of coffee mix my fake hamburg( love in this toy so much, it's a blocks and looks like real seems taste good and fun.).  I think this week will be little busy and next week be more then i take a list for a week what somthing else i should do!  Ahn... too much, im telling u next week something happen.  Btw i love my new eyeshadow that bright and summer color, i like to wearing them everyday.  And i tell u a secret, im crazy thinking about shopping before i've save money and waiting  money back to my purse.  it will be a long long time cos i've waited shipping days and the fact "money is not come back".( whatever im insane!)
outfit- H&M cardigan, Accessorize scarf, H&M ring be a pin, Benetton denim skirt, unknown socks, NINE WEST shoes, Tommy Hilfiger bag


see u sooon guys and happy monday......

Mar 19, 2010



I took these photos when afternoon, all about recently my love!  Perfume, shoes, donuts, book and Chanel nail...etc.  After this i had dinner and saw Alice in Wonderland with my dear friends, i totally love this movie and enjoy it!!  I love Alice!!!
outfit-Net cardigan, unknown pants, H&M flats, Net bag, mom's brooch, Accessorize necklace& ring

see u sooon guys and have fun in weekend......








I had fun in my little trip in Wen and dramatic story in the same time.  Mom and i spent all day long to relax for shopping and had wonderful lunch but im exhausted when i back home.  I never forget to show u, i had lunch in Apple cobo and i saw a row of cherry trees  in front of mall.  But just i took some photos ,two girls stay in my way and i thought i had little shock few seconds then she tell me she just try to do some change when she learn in a relationship class(im not really no what is this?!) then we had little chat for a while and exchange our name and telephone.  Ahn...i have to say it's my first time do to this, when im home always thinking is it just a joke or what something not real.  oh...i took the phone she called when i saw Alice in Wonderland, so if something new let's say!!!
outfit- Ralph Lauren Polo shirt, unknown short, unknow shoes(i bought $30 US i remember),Koziol bag, Necklace is friends give to me& Accessorize, Accessorize Bracelet& DIY, the ring i bought when i was 15 

see u sooon guys......