Dec 28, 2010



There r many things from Sep to now!! Just one word, im tired in my work that no more time to enjoy my life!  Time is fast, it's the end of year but im glad to join X'mas party!!
im look forward to changing my life n traveling next year!!! n i dyed my hair in dark blue, my friends said that to me like "rocker", hahha(did i!!?)

My X'mas party look: IROO fur vest, IROO dress, Carolee necklace, unknown ring, Shirley sandals

Jun 27, 2010





I just show some of photos these days i spent my time.  I saw the La Defile and had afternoon tea with friends this weekend.  Then i got something new from Marc by Marc Jacobs and ALDO accesseries!!  
Yeah, really miss u guys...... see u!!
H&M cardigan, Marc by Marc Jacobs top, unknown jeans short, AK flats, ALDO earings 

Apr 27, 2010


outfit- Raphal Lauren shirt, Maggie's love vest, unknown jeans, H&M flats, Accessorize bracelet

outfit- Mango lace top, ALDO sunglasses, Accessorize bracelet, H&m earing
This Monday Look
outfit- Mom's vintage shirt, H&M cardigan, unknown ring, ALDO sunglasses, Net bag, unknow short, Muji oxford

This and last week i still run, run and run over every where!!  i usually had lunch at high speed rail and take a nap then for my work till this week.  Yeah, u can see my friend Pin and i bought some little things from e-Mook( that stuff from MMJ) when last week im in other city.   This week just started i will be sharing for something when i catch first time, so again see u next time.

See u sooooon guys and Happy This Week.......

Apr 17, 2010


I back to my home for a week in my business trip. So happy to sharing with my family in the free time even work hard in these days!  Okay, i really wanna show u that i bought the lace top from Mango is lovely and the flower sunglasses is my favorite new got from ALDO.  Is it beautiful!?  And  what r u planning to do this weekend, i think i will stay in my apartment no much things to do just relax cos im exhausted!!  Happy weekend~
outfit- ALDO sunglasses, Mango tank and lace top, Levis jeans, NINE WEST sandals, Accessorize bracelet, unknown ring, Net bag, Wired watch

see u sooon guys......

Apr 11, 2010


two outfits of this week

This week i still work hard and visited other city!!  it's nice experience to know people, clothes and culture.  So i spent my time to have yum lamb soup(yes, that what u see the dark soup) and take a wlk in the city!  Oh~i bought a lace top,sunglasses and accessorises in Mango and Aldo, i will be show u recently i promise!  Cos im really tired now and tomorrow im on a business trip to other city that happy is the activity near my home and i will be stay in my hometown for a week then to meet my family and friends!!  yeah, i cant wait~
outfit1-H&M cardigan, unknown shrot, Raphal Lauren shirt, Muji oxford
outfit2-H&m cardigan, unknown top, Net jeans, Havaianas shoes, Accessorize necklace&bracelet

See u sooon guys......