Mar 8, 2010


 When i saw Paris Fashion Week start to now, i found "RED" will be it color in Fall-Winter 2010.  During four different designers all love to use this  color to raise whole details.  We all love red, should be wear red lipstick asap.  Let's show some my favorite design photo!!
I love love Balmain so much it's sexy and bright.  When opening the show i gaze whole show untill the end, i love balmain this season use some different skill to proof leopard in a  special cloth.  And the purple fur really in different other way to show, so be a women who can reject!?

 Viktor&Rolf always do some dramatic changes, i really get lot fun in this show!  Arent u !?
 I have to say i really really love Balenciaga this shoes!! im so crazy in love, let me buy it ,mama!  Can i !!!?????

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Diet Day 18

  • Breakfast-N/A

  • Lunch-half bowl of rice, one bowl of suzi soup, half fried fish, a cup of vegetable

  • Dinner- one bowl of suzi soup, half fried fish, 2 piece of stew onion pork
Diet Day 19
  • Breakfast- 1 piece of toast with peanut butter
  • Lunch- 7 dumplings, 1 bowl of suzi soup
  • Dinner- 1 bowl of suzi soup, an egg, 5 dumplings, half cup of spinach
  • Work out-N/A(till rainning)
  • Weight- -0.3kg
see u soon guys.....still report!!


  1. i would die to have these lovely lovely lovely clothes. oh sigh

  2. It's funny you say that about red because I recently wrote a post wondering if red has become unfashionable. But no! Also love the Balenciaga shoes.

  3. You talked about "RED" will be it color in Fall-Winter 2010, i've done a review on Pierre Garroudi's fashion show in london for fashion week on my blog... his collection was all red, garments, lips, hair everything!


  4. Drooling over balmain!
    The fabrics, the silhouettes, the detail and prints! Ahhh I would give a lot just to have one pieceee

  5. I love the red one the lanvin and so many others i just don' have enough money :-( How do you feel about your diet? Is it not too hard?

  6. im so glad shape is finally back into fashion. woman should ba a woman not a girl.