Feb 19, 2010


Today is first diet day, but wearther still cold and wet. Still raining whole week, hope tomorrow will be sunny,i really want work out. Hate rainy cant do anything, so just posted some old pics.
Sister and i had desserts on wensday(before my diet day). Tasty in the cakes, i cant leave without sweet . So get some sweets then happy all time!

Diet Day 1

  • Get up 500cc water
  • Breakfast N/A(i got up in 11am so...)
  • Lunch Curry -helf cup including 5 pieces of potato and pork,helf bowl rice,2 small pieces of fish, helf cup Spinach
  • Dinner Curry-helf cup(2 pieces of potato),1/3 bowl rice,fried chili cabbage(a cup),2 pieces of fish
  • Work out N/A
  • Weight -0.5kg

see u soon guys......


  1. welcome to blogger world! that cake looks SO GOOD.

    ps. I would love it if you checked out my new blog:

  2. wow i know how you feel
    i wish to work out but i am sick.

    goodluck with your blog
    i know it will be great!