Feb 18, 2010


I really need do some decision. That means so many things i cant done, finished and perfect.
Likes i've changed third time blog(i had losted days post and another part is my camera. I really a bad girl, sorry!) and i cant control my body(it getting fat and fat). So that i want to do...
1. Less fat
I will keep myself working out and posting my weight diary.
I bet with my sister who lost more than someone kg who get winner untile 7/1.
i win i will get Polaroid sx-70 land camera

If my sister win i will give her Die Patisserie Von Pierre Herme

2. Keep blogging
That's my real decision, i love fashion, photography and i really like make friends. I wanna know so many kinds of people from whole world. Now i got new camera and i had some many ideas in my mind. I have to concentrate what i do.

see u soon guys......

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